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Santa Arrives Via Hawaiian Canoe at the Grand Wailea

The sight of Santa Claus makes me want to scream "Santa, I know him!!!" This morning on the island of Maui, Hawaii my reaction was a little different. I was left speechless when I saw him arrive via Hawaiian canoe on a picture perfect day at the beach fronting the Grand Wailea, a Waldorf Astoria Resort.

I spotted the another special bearded man, Kainoa Horcajo, Grand Wailea's Hawaiian Cultural Ambassador assisting Saint Nick off of the canoe. The canoe, flanked in palm fronds and ti leaves, landed on the sandy shore of Wailea Beach on the south side of the island. Then Santa and his helpers walked behind one of the paddlers who played the ukulele and sang Christmas carols. For reals. So amazing. I love Maui and I love the Grand Wailea.

Kieran and Ronan got to meet the big man who found a shady spot near the Chapel at the resort. He was so cool. What an epic beard. Santa gave a shaka and yelled out a "Cheeehooo!"

After the boys visited with Santa, I told them that their daddy proposed to me at that very spot (on the Chapel lawn) almost 15 years ago. The Grand Wailea is where Jon and I met and a very special part of our story. Merry Christmas from Maui!

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