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Succulent Unicorn Pumpkin by Pixiebug Studio

I just loved making this miniature pumpkin unicorn with the baby succulents I've been growing. I am so inspired by the beautiful pumpkin succulent arrangements seen for Halloween and Thanksgiving. This fall I couldn't get the idea of a unicorn/pumpkin/succulent creation out of my head because those are three of my favorite things.

I made the ears and unicorn horn out of polymer clay and golden glitter spray paint. The Jack Be Little pumpkin was a creamy white but I decided to spray paint it to a brilliant white.

Collecting the baby succulents from my propagation nursery took the most time because I tried to get at least one of each type of succulent. It's funny how long that process took because I really enjoy checking on my baby succulents.

Click on the photo below to see a one-minute time-lapse video of the making of this cute little unicorn.

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